As a Humorist,Comedian, Writer, Keynote Speaker and Consultant Belynda infuses humor into all aspects of her work. Having mastered the art of stand up comedy, she has merged her love of making people laugh with her commitment to helping others. Coming from a background in Psychology, her work as a counselor and a mental health advocate, she’s become a highly sought after Speaker, Consultant and Comedian. Belynda’s success is due to her determination, fearlessness in the face of failure and her ability to find humor in life’s challenges. Belynda is determined to enlighten and inspire the world through Laughter, Motivation or Education.

Belynda Performs Comedy for Churches, Corporate events, Private Parties, Conventions, Fundraisers, Colleges and Comedy Clubs Throughout Canada and the US. Belynda also delivers keynotes and trainings for conferences, youth programs, women groups, mental health organizations, nonprofits, universities, colleges, prisons, faith-based. As a speaker and consultant Belynda’s primary focus is on mental wellness and utilizing the therapeutic and healing powers of humor.


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